Fun! Age-guessing app

Fun! Age-guessing app

Microsoft launched a new website called “How Old Do I Look?” I learned of it first from a twitter post of Mashable. It’s a web-based app that is meant to showcase Microsoft’s Face Recognition API. You have a choice to try the app using pre-loaded sample pictures. For more fun results, however, you also have the option of trying your own photos. Although the site says they do not keep any of your personal photos uploaded to the app, I would still be careful in doing so. For the fun of it, go ahead and try it. 

The app is a hit and miss. It can sometimes get your correct gender or age. Sometimes not. It’s more flattery than accuracy. It’s an instant feel-good, though. LOL I noticed that the app is least accurate in recognizing age when you have a mustache or when you’re wearing eyeglasses. It gives you a much older age.

Find the website here ->

Here are results of some photos I tried. That's my younger brother. The app's guess is only 1 year older than he really is.



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