52-Week Savings Challenge

52-Week Savings Challenge

I was holding in this post because I did not want to jinx anything. I've been so overwhelmed by the fact that I'm still on track on this 52 Week Savings Challenge program that I had to write about it. I'm ecstatic! :) 

At the start of this year, there were several posts of this challenge in Facebook. I can't even remember from whom it originated but I commend the person who created it as a genius. It has been effective to me. It's now in Week 27, Quinceña 13, and Month 7. I still plan to continue. At the end of the year, the projected savings is Php41,000.00. Of all the programs I've started and tried, this one actually works. In my case, I believe these are the why's:

  • Small steps. Gradual increase of amount makes it less heavy. It's a testimonial of, "save until it hurts no more.. and then save some more". It makes it pretty doable.
  • Small successes. I feel a sense of fulfillment week to week. That feeling boosts up the want to do the same on the next week. It's addicting.
  • Treat savings like bills. It's not something you can get any time you want. I pay it and forget about it. It's cheaper than my phone bill, actually.
  • It's not the amount, it's the habit. True, it's not the amount that mattered. It's the habit being developed. Whenever I want to put in some more or skip some weeks, I always remind myself of this. It's the consistency of the act of saving that's important. It's important to keep it going.

If you want a copy of the excel sheet I'm using to keep track of this program, you may download it at my Dropbox. You should try it. You can opt to start now and forget about the previous weeks. It's better to have some than zero. Good luck! I hope you find it fun, challenging, and achievable as I did. :)

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