Cebu getaway for groups - Siri Yangu

Cebu getaway for groups - Siri Yangu

For my friend's birthday, we spent our weekend at Siri Yangu located at the wonderful province of San Remegio, Cebu. 

Siri Yangu is paradise. It has two big rooms where each room can accommodate at least 5 people. Everything is beautiful including the bathrooms. It has a natural feel around it. You can bring your own food with no corkage fee. The house has a stand-by Cook who can help you with food preparation. She cooks exemplary well. As of this writing, the rent amount is Php 15,000.00 per day. 

The place is beautiful. It got me day dreaming of having my own rest house someday.

They have recently added a pool located at the garden.


To know more about the place, go Siri Yangu Facebook Page. You will find information about how to get there, how much is the rent, and the maximum number of people allowed.

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