Butterbean Dessert Cafe

Butterbean Dessert Cafe

Butterbean is in its soft opening and is there for the lovers of sweet. The cafe is strategically located near the best restaurants in town. You may choose to dine at Quest's buffet, Parklane's buffet, Simply J's, Kuya J's, or Surfin' Ribs and then drive or walk to Butterbean for your dessert. My personal preference is Surfin' Ribs. That way, I don't have to drive or change parking space to get my dessert. Surfin' Ribs and Butterbean are in the same block. In fact, they're in the same building.

In this cafe, Butterbean serves more than just cookies and brownies that we're used to at their stall in Ayala Center. You will find a variety of sweet treats that I'm sure you'll find interesting and delicious. The first time I've been here, I was overwhelmed by the ambience and its offerings that I missed to take pictures. 

The first dessert I tried is their interesting Ice Cream Bar. The bar is coated in thick chocolate, sprinkled with 3 toppings, and drizzled with another chocolate of your choice. I've tried both chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I find vanilla more delicious.

Here we are enjoying our treats. These are our Ice Cream Bar Creations.

How to get there?
Butterbean is located along Escario Street, Cebu City. It is located beside D'Aviary, Surfin' Ribs, and walking distance from Kuya J's.

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