Cordova Home Village

Cordova Home Village

Is the beach too crowded for you? Are you looking for a nice summer getaway and still maintain that homey feel? Cordova Home Village is the right place for you. I came to know this wonderful place from a visiting cousin who just arrived from the US. Yeah, I know that did not sound right for someone in the US to introduce this to me, "the true blue Cebuano". Hehe But he did. The place was a wonderful surprise. It is unique and great for family or team bonding activities. The uniqueness of the place comes from their beautiful homes with the same theme and color scheme. The house is spacious with beautiful furnitures. The one we got was a family room good for 10 with 2 bathrooms and no kitchen. If you prefer a home with a kitchen, there is that option too. 

Here are some photos of what's inside. Notice the series of La-Z-Boy? Truly comfortable! :) 


I, personally, am glad we have more choices of beautiful places and getaways to go to nowadays.

Here's a view of their pool.

We had a lunch invitation at the mayor's house too. :)


How to get there?

Cordova Home Village is located at Sitio Datag, Cordova. You'll never miss it because of its big sign right beside the main road. If you're passing through the old bridge then turn right to Cordova, you'll find Cordova Home Village at your left side. You can visit their Facebook page for more pictures and testimonials. You can also check their website. For inquiries and reservation, you may call (032) 514-9731 or 0929 211 1825.

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