Recipe: Fish Adobo

Recipe: Fish Adobo

I am pretty picky with the dishes I eat when it comes to fish. I do not like to eat a fish that smells like fish. Odd, I know. Anyway, for lunch today, I thought of making a fish dish as a break from the cholesterol-heavy food during the holidays. It smells really good! Tastes delicious too. ^_^

Here's my version of the delectable fish adobo.

   400g tuna cubes
   sliced onions
   pounded garlic
   soy sauce
   black pepper in powder
   Olive oil

   1. In a bowl, place the tuna cubes.
   2. Add some onions and garlic. Make sure to leave some to saute later.
   3. Add soy sauce and vinegar to taste.
   4. Add black pepper.
   6. Mix everything. You may use your clean hands.
   7. Leave to marinade.

   8. Heat a pan.
   9. Saute the rest of your onions and garlic.
   10. Add your tuna cubes mixture.
   11. Cover the pan until tuna is cooked.

Serving: 3-4 persons

Best taken with rice.

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