Galvanic Spa & ageLoc technology

Galvanic Spa & ageLoc technology

Last year 2012 (... I will have to get used to that from now on. LOL), I was able to borrow the galvanic spa of my close friend, Esther, for a month. It was also the time when my aunt from US came home for vacation. Of course, being the good niece as I am, I gave her my special NuSkin facial - face lift and galvanic spa treatment. She loves it. ^_^

For a month, I applied galvanic spa on my face every week. I thought no one would notice but a significant number of my friends did. They said I look younger and glower. I'm happy. :) The benefits of galvanic spa include removal of stretch marks that I want to try for my tummy as I do have stretch marks after giving birth. It also boasts of removal of the excessive flabs on your arms and hair rejuvenation for those who suffer hair loss/balding. This is the same unit and technology used in facial centers. Learn more about galvanic spa in Galvanic Spa Benefits.

I have always wanted to purchase my own device but the price was always too high for me. Last Christmas, NuSkin had a promo. If you buy 5 units, each unit will give you savings of Php 6k. Plus, they give you 7k worth of products that include gels and cash coupons to be used on my 3rd, 4th, and 5th month from date of purchase. It was a very good deal for me. I contacted my good friend and a NuSkin member for help. She was able to find me 4 more buyers who were also looking for a 5th buyer to avail the promo. My prayers must have been heard. I love! Rather than taking a chunk of my productive time off for salon, I can now do my facial treatments at home before sleep. It will save me money too because frequent salon treatments are expensive.

Moreso, the purchase made me a NuSkin member. This worked for my advantage because I have always been a fan and a firm believer of their products. All NuSkin products are, by the way, exclusive to members only. If you are interested of buying products but cannot be a member yet, contact me so I can make the purchase for you. See the products in NuSkin website.

AgeLoc technology, genetic anti-aging breakthrough, had been featured by Discovery Channel on 2012 December 29 8pm and December 30 2pm and 8pm.


When I went to the US this last year 2013, my mom saw the change on my face and asked what products I use. I gave her my special NuSkin facial with galvanic spa treatment. She loved it. When I got back to Cebu, she purchased her own galvanic spa machine, gels, and other facial cleansing set. Her friends immediately saw the difference. She loves the compliments she's receiving up to this day. What's good about NuSkin is that she can use my PH number internationally. We can be in all over the world and still stay beautiful.  Great! :)

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