Getaway at West 35, Balamban

Getaway at West 35, Balamban


A drive to Balamban was exactly what I needed from a full stressful week. Cebu is full of adventure parks where we can zipline, wall climb, rapel, and even trek. Last weekend of early morning, we decided to pull our windows down and drive as far to West as we can go. The drive was exhilirating. The view was breath-taking. The road was smooth and great. We stopped by a lot of parks for picture taking (or so I meant, for Facebook profile pic LOL). I thought of trying the zipline myself but I chickened out. I will try next time when I have the guts. ^_^

The places we passed by were colorful, vibrant, and green. When you go to a higher altitude, the air smells different. It's better - fresh, and free from pollution. It's colder with pine trees, blooming orchids, and sunflowers. Nature is wonderful! Moreso, it's Maker. You see, a drive like this makes you open your eyes to the wonderful things infront of us. How beautiful the world could be if we take care of Mother Nature. Cebu is truly a wonderful place to live in!

Balamban is a beautiful place. You would think it's provincial and outdated but it's not. It even has it's own mall! It houses world-renowned ship building companies and it makes the best liempo ever! Nomnom.. makes my mouth water thinking about liempo. :)

Our last stop was West 35. I guess that it is named as such because Balamban is 35 kilometers west away from the city. West 35 is a welcome site. The owner was kind enough to tour us to the villas and show their facilities. The stay is cheap and the rooms are huge. The villa has a bonfire place where you can chill, talk, and eat grilled food with your friends. It also has an outdoor jacuzzi where you can spend private moments with your partner and enjoy the view of the stars. The comfort rooms are interesting. It has bath tub to spice up your bathing experience... and the wall... guess what?... is all glass! Interesting, aint it? LOL Fret not, it has curtains too for those who prefer to be private.

The overseeing view is wonderful. At the top of the reception/lobby is a rooftop that gives you 360-degree view of Cebu. You can see as far as your eyes allow you to. If you get bored, which I doubt you will, the place has television cable powered by Cgnal. Other facilities include zip line, trekking, and adventure playground park for kids. If your mobile provider is Globe, you will definitely have problems with the signal. Smart, as usual, never lets you down.

West 35 excites me. A weekend getaway free from the hustle and bustle of the city life is best spent here. I recommend you check-out the place as well. Better yet, take my word for it and book a villa for you and your family. You deserve a weekend off.

For reservations and inquiries, call (032) 520 2633, (63) 922 816 1933. They have an office at Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City where you can pay the reservation fee. You can also email

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