LIVE: Drum Tao

LIVE: Drum Tao

It is Drum Tao day today! I got the jitters. I am very proud to be part of the crew who made the show possible in Cebu. Thanks to Establish Events and Brilliance Unlimited, Inc.! Thanks to the best ushers and crew in town, we were able to successfully pull it off. Although there were just-learned lessons as us as it was not smooth sailing the whole way, nevertheless, it was such a big success! :)

The performances at the 2 major malls in Cebu (Ayala and SM) and at Maayong Buntag Kapamilya really helped in letting the Cebuano people know what Drum Tao is and what they can offer. It wasn't until a few days before the actual show did the ticket sales rise.

Everybody of all ages loved the show. The children loved it! Eyes were glued on stage. It was like being at the Samurai age watching the warriors getting ready for war. It was like a fantasy teleserye. My boss' child even asked her if they were just watching a huge TV and if the people on stage were real. LOL After the 3pm show, a group of spectators went to the ticketing counter to buy tickets for the rest of their families to watch the 8pm show. That amazing, huh! Told you! hehe :)

I was especially awed at their precision, strength, and grace. They are very fit especially the women! They inspired me to stay fit as well. Now I'm wondering if I still have sessions left at Fitness Center of Marriot. Hmm.. (??) LOL

I love it that the show started on time. I also loved it that the chairs were arranged in such a way that a viewer can see and enjoy the show wherever he's seated. I love the lights, the stage, and the costumes. It was spectacular indeed! I was so mesmerized that as I lay my head on bed tonight, I can still vividly imagine the whole performance. ^_^ Check in twitter to see what others had to say.

I wanted to chika2x the performers but not everyone can speak English. However, I was able to get some inside scoop about the Drum Tao performers.

  • They live in an isolated mountain of utmost silence and tranquility. That is somewhere in Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Training includes executing 2-hour workout and martial arts training, and 10 hours practice with intruments.
  • They wash their own costumes. If it's torn or broken, they fix their own costumes too.
  • Nobody touches their drums except them. That includes loading t coargo and unloading from cargo.
  • The drums are stored in an air-conditioned room.
  • Members are monks, hoteliers, soldiers, and musicians.
  • Guess who did the stage egress, and wrapping of their drums using bubble plastics? Drum Tao performers! That is accounting a whole day rehearsal yesterday, a half day rehearsal this morning, and 2 performances this afternoon. Such amazing strength, endurance, and discipline!

When Drum Tao comes your way, make sure not to miss it! Invite your date, family, and friends. ;)

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