Nuskin: Scrubs and other essentials

Nuskin: Scrubs and other essentials

Here are the new bottles that I bought for myself to complete my beauty bath/cleansing set. 

Exfoliant Scrub extra gentle is a facial scrub that is indeed "extra gentle". I've used Apricot Scrub for my face before I met NuSkin and it is painful. It left my skin red and sensitive. I had to use it only once a week. It was ironic too because it left my face with pimples. I guess it wasn't made for my skin type or I was applying it wrongly. Nuskin scrubs are micro small that they are gentle to your face when you apply them. It claims to be gentle enough to use everyday. How cool is that? Because I use make-up and face powder everyday to work, this scrub is essential for me to keep my face clean and pimple-free. Goodbye to the gory white heads and black heads! Apply the scrubs with rotating motion to face and neck for 30 seconds. Like any scrubs, this is best rinsed with warm water then apply toner and moisturizer.

Body Lufra is a body scrub that helps remove dead skin and excess oil. Instead of soap, I use lufra. Use your hands to apply the lufra all over your body. I apply them generously to my arms, legs, elbows, knees, and neck. It leaves my skin so smooth to touch. I use lufra twice a week - at the start of my week (Monday) and at the end of it (Saturday). These are holy days for me for baths. LOL 'coz I got my rituals. LOL  My good friends Joseph and Joyce must have sensed that I'm running low of Lufra that they bought me another bottle for my birthday. Yey! What a great surprise. Thank you, guys! :D

Feminine Wash is essential for me everyday. I use this twice a day - morning and before I go to sleep. Goodbye to itches and smells. It leaves my secret a secret. I simply love it. It is pricey compared to other feminine washes but it's worth it. Believe me when I say this, no other wash could match it. Try it for yourself. Once you go Scion, you never go back to your old brands!

Overall, I'm generally satisfied with my Nuskin products. What I am actually eyeing next is the Galvanic Spa set. Yay! Expensive but wanting to try it. I've been wanting to ask for a demo. I just don't have the time yet. I will soon. *wink wink* ^_^

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