SweetStuff by Jill

SweetStuff by Jill

On 2009, I received a Christmas gift from my best girl buddy, Gay, a box of delicious lace cookies. I love it so much that I began to examine the box. The box contains the number and some details. I've been ordering from Sweet Stuff by Jill Christie Uy ever since. I have not met Jill yet but she has been accommodating and replies to my inquiries all the time. She is also a co-Zugbuana sister of my close friend Rosel so I trust her.

My favorites are her dark and white choco lace cookies. I usually order the big box of combo that consists of 8pcs dark choco lace cookies and 7pcs white choco lace cookies. As of this year, it costs only Php370. If you order dark choco lace cookies alone, it's Php350. If white alone, it's Php360. I love the packaging of the individual cookies. It is sealed, clean, and you are sure that the cookies are kept fresh. The big box looks fancy too with a sliding opening. If you are only visiting Cebu, the lace cookies could be a very good pasalubong on your way home.

I love the convenience of how I order. She is just a text or a call away. You can order on the day of the pick-up too. However, this is only applicable to Ice Cream Roll and Choco Lace Cookies. For other orders, please give her at least a day lead time before pick-up.

The Ice Cream Roll is soooo delicious. I love them! Try them. Make sure you refrigerate them right after pick-up so the ice cream won't melt.

The price list in this post is based on 2010 quote as emailed by Jill. I usually just order what I want and ask for updated price from her. This list, though, will help you get an idea of what types of pastries she makes.

How to get there? SweetStuff does not have a bakery yet. I hope she will in the near future. You can get your orders straight from her home. The address is 496 D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City. It's located beside Sacred Heart Center. You can easily spot it because it is immediately beside Sacred Heart Center and her home's green gate is really huge. The house number is 496. Just buzz the door bell. For orders and inquiries, call (032) 253 2299 or text her at (0917) 321 0700.

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