Review: Techni-ICE it!

Review: Techni-ICE it!

I had thought of buying my grandparents, tita/tito and their families, and neighbors with holiday hams for Christmas. The only bump to that idea was the fact that hams need to be kept cold during transport. Given the Cebu weather, that would prove very difficult to do. While I was looking around at a bazaar at IT Park last Christmas, I came across this wonderful invention that claimed to be safe and, in fact, have been widely used by countries such as Australia and New Zealand.  I have always been skeptical of using anything food-related that is coming from China. So reading the label that says, "Made in Australia" was a welcome sign. Buying it for Php300 per sheet in a bazaar was expensive but a good sign too. You would not want to buy something cheaper than that and food-related, would you? So I was happy and content. The demo done by the sales team showed that it is not only limited to keeping cold but also for any need of heat such as a hot compress. Trying it on the skin was comfortable and warm. To be honest, this was the only thing I bought from the bazaar at Christmas.

When I got home, I dipped it in water as instructed and placed it in the freezer. After a few minutes, Techni-Ice was hard as a rock. I packed it in my cooler together with 11 holiday hams and started driving around giving my Christmas presents. When I got back, Techni-Ice was a little spongy but still really cold. It kept its promise! 

After the ham deliveries, there was the wine... then the chocolates... then the ice cream cake that need to be chill. Pretty convenient too. It's all the coolness you need minus the inconvenience of dripping water and melting ice! :)

If you need it hot, still dip in water and then place in oven and heat for a few minutes.


March 2017:

The Techni-Ice proved to be very helpful to me when I was breastfeeding and traveling. I was worried of spoiling the milk I pumped while I was on travel. I kept all my milk stashes in an insulated container and placed as many techni-ice as it can contain. True enough, techni-ice kept them all frozen even after 13hours of travel. That is amazing. After all, breastmilk is life. :)

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