The best noodles in town - Uncle Noodles!

The best noodles in town - Uncle Noodles!

After frequent travels to other Asian countries such as HongKong, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore, I have always wanted to find a good noodle house in Cebu. I would want to start it myself. Alas, they beat me to it. All in good spirit though... because I love it! Uncle Noodles opened on June 30 this year. It is, however, only recently that I tried their good food. If you are wondering of its origin, Uncle Noodles serves Singaporean-inspired dishes. It is not like any other food houses confined within walls because the ambiance is also inspired by Singaporean noodle food stalls.

Uncle Noodles is located at the back of One Mango Place building near the parking lot. To know how to get there, click here. At first I thought the place was too inaccessible. After spending more time, I kind of like the location. The building shields me off the busy street of midtown. Here, I can enjoy my bowl in an open and quiet space.

The serving time is amazing too. Order and pay at the cashier, someone else prepares your noodles infront of you, and you get to eat it in 5 minutes or less. My personal favorite is Uncle Noodles Special dry noodles. It can come as spicy as you want it to be. Just make sure to advise ahead. The dry noodles comes with a soup separately placed in a small bowl. It also comes with siopao of your choice - either asado or bola-bola. Care to guess for how much? As of this writing, it only costs me Php150.00. Great, right?! :)

There are several more equally delectable dishes in the menu. Try it! I am sure you will love it.

Try their delivery too! Call Telepone Number: 520-1524


Almost after a year from my first visit, Uncle Noodles has expanded their recipe. They now have rice meals. Yey! :) Check out the 3rd pic of this blog.

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