Death and Taxes - The importance of life insurnace

Death and Taxes - The importance of life insurnace

Yesterday, I visited a friend at the hospital who was diagnosed with liver cancer. He was initially confined because of complaint of blurry vision. He thought it was his diabetes acting up again. After several tests and only a day turnaround time, a 12cm mass was found in his liver. Extraction and biopsy followed then the diagnosis. He is 41 years old. He is his family's breadwinner. He has 2 boys. The eldest is 4-years old and the second is 3. The jolly, noisy, and always-singing friend I know is now thin and worrisome. He not only worries of his financial need for the treatment. He also worries what will happen to his family when he's gone.

The saddest part of the story is when he brought up that he discontinued his Life Insurance Plan 5 years ago. My heart sank. At that moment I felt responsible. I felt a need for me to call up my friends and educate them. A life insurance plan is a basic need! It's non-negotiable.

When we're young and healthy, nobody every thinks of dying. But death comes like a thief in the night. We hope and pray it will not come soon BUT it is very real. It was very real last night. It is as inevitable as tax can be.

It is a nightmare to leave a family with not only a broken heart but also broken bank accounts. Nobody has the right to bring his family's dreams to the grave. What will happen to his 2 young boys? Who will continue their education? Remember... a prepared battle is already half-won.

If you lack life insurance plan, message me and I will give you my agent's name and contact information. My financial advisor can tailor fit your plan to your need. Get it while you're young and healthy.

I urge you more to pray for him. Pray for his healing and for his family. Pray for everyone who are sick that they may find light and hope in this trying time. Let's pray for each other everyday that we may continue to be healthy and helpful.

I wish that cancer will be like fever in the very near future. One take of a pill and you're back to a healthier you.

Be well. Be stress-free.


<pic is taken from 3D Death and Taxes Dice Message © John Takai >

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