Idea Wall

Idea Wall

Whenever anyone asks where I work, the reaction is of amazement. "Wow yan! Naka tag-iya naka ug poste diha!" are words that follow right after. They've known I've worked here since I started... well, working. 10 years had passed since I graduated fresh from college. A post is not quite accurate, though. I don't own a post. It's an entire wall! :)

This wall is something I suggested during our Festival of Innovation. It won and now it's up there to consume. The idea started from my need to write down my thoughts. I am a big writer thinker.. That is, when I need to think, I write. I create mind maps. I write down pros and cons. I write down my priorities. I write down anything important and anything that I need to see and remember. I wished I could write at my whole wall. It turned out a lot of people wished the same too. The option I had suggested was the IdeaPaint. You can paint it on any surface. When it dries up, you can write anything on it. You can erase it too with ease. However, the paint was expensive as it needs to be shipped from outside the Philippines. Plus, it takes time to arrive too. We did not have that much time. This was the better option. I like it. :)

The wall is created for collaboration. Anyone can write their idea about anything that improves anything. The goal is that when you pass through and read them, new thoughts and ideas spark in your mind about things. It's a giant collaboration tool.

I am happy the wall is up. For me, It shows that opinions do matter and ideas make a difference. I don't really own the wall. I owned it then I shared it. It's theirs now too.

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