Lxk FW Area goes around the world for year-end party

Lxk FW Area goes around the world for year-end party

This year, Lexmark Firmware Area goes around the world for our year-end party. The venue was at J Center Mall. We asked the catering services of Maria Lina Catering Services for our food.

I just love the uniqueness of the invitation. It blends well to the theme. Don't you think? :) What could be a better design for an invitation card for an event with Around the World theme but a passport, right? A passport is presented to the registrar upon entry to the venue. The passport holder will be given a boarding pass with flight number and seat number. The portion of the boarding pass that gets dettached by the flight attendee serves as your entry for the raffles. Winners are called by their flight and seat number combination. So unique! :) The ideas of this invitation card, boarding pass, decors, table top, games, and program are all by the FW year-end committee members. Aren't they geniuses?! Yes they are indeed! ^_^


For presentations, we have divided our area into 5 groups. 1 group consists of 2 departments together. Each group represents one continent. Presentations and costumes relate to the continent. Continents include North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. My team gets to represent Africa.

The program started with Parade of Continents followed immediately by a community dance to the music of International Love. I love how everyone danced without hesitation. At the end of the dance, the host chose the best dancer from all of us. He then lead us to dance with him. Indeed, he was the best! ^_^

the royal family, the Beetles are waiting for their turn for Parade of Continents waiting for our turn for the Parade of Continents

The series of continent presentations followed right after. We were all excited to perform our numbers. I am very surprised to see how creative the presentations were. I love them all. Asia and South America came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. These too are my personal favorites. For Africa, my team came up with a skit inspired by God must be crazy movie mixed with Dora and tribal dance. Our choreographer is very talented. We had good choreography with very enticing dance steps. The girls wore printed leopard-skin top, black shorts, and fishnet stockings. Truly amazona! The men were monkeys at Madagascar and so they had their monkey dance too. I honestly was relieved I was not one of the judges because choosing a winner was the most difficult task of that day. All the presentations were really good. Seriously good! So when the host announced Africa as the champion, I was very much surprised and happy. All those late nights of practices were worth it. ^_^

Europe team performing Asia performing

Games and trivia filled the night too. I especially love the host. There was never a dull moment with her. The gathering was truly a 4-hour of fun spent with very wonderful, talented, creative, and intelligent bunch of people. We have bonded so well. I truly enjoyed the afternoon.

Thank you all for the friendship. May our friendship last forever. I wish all of us success in our careers and in all areas of our lives.

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