Review: Neelhit Sitarams Indian Grocery

Review: Neelhit Sitarams Indian Grocery


We are having an open house at the office this weekend. I am pretty excited about it. It's the time when our family and friends can come to the office, tour at our labs, check out our products, and truly understand what we do. What I love more of it is the fact that they can also visit our cubicles. 

One of the activities in that open house is a feature of our company around the world. We are to showcase the different sites, services, and products of the company. We are also going to showcase the culture of that site.

For our assignment, we are lucky to showcase our Kalkota site. I love the rich culture India offers and so I know this is going to be a great exhibit. By tomorrow, I will be posting pictures of our booth. For our exhibit, the audience will get to know the wonderful culture and known landmarks of India through our trivia. They can enjoy music, dances, and learn the touching moral lessons that famous Bollywood films teach us through our film showing. They can also see the traditional Indian costumes to be worn by those manning the exhibit. Most interesting of all, they can taste the delicious Indian delicacies. Yey! All beautiful plans. Among the list of activities, though, the most challenging is finding Indian delicacies in Cebu.

I made a quick research and found a feature written by YCebu about the only Indian Grocery store in Cebu. Yes, the ONLY. Surprising enough, the store is not far from the office. Imagine my delight! :)

When I got in the store, I introduced myself and discussed with them my need. Ms. Anjali and Mr. Bhagwan were very helpful to me. They gave us free taste of Peda Barfi and Samosa. The taste was different and also very delicious. They even gave us garlic tea for drink that went well with the sweets. Such great hospitality. True enough, I left the store with two big bags filled with Malai Barfi, two packs of Gulab Jamun, Samosa, Peda Barfi, and nuts. I went out the store very excited to bring them back to the office. When I got in, I gave my team mates a piece of Peda Barfi. I just love how their faces changed from doubt to smiles. They love them as much as I do. :)

The delicacies, by the way, are prepared and made by Ms. Anjali herself. You sure can get them fresh from the oven when you wish. Make sure to order ahead.

The Indian Grocery also sells food ingredients. They have them in cans, powder, and liquid form.

I am glad I was given this assignment. I have a great and very creative team of engineers who made the exhibit possible. It opened my eyes to a different and very interesting world of India that is now also in Cebu.

The owners of the grocery also own the Famous Indian CurryHouse. In the 3rd pic is a map of the curry house. The 4th pic shows their menu.

How to get to Indian Grocery? The address is F. Cabahug Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. If you are from Cebu Business Park going to Castle Peak Hotel, the F. Cabahug street is found at your right side. It is right after the Almendras Street. Turn right then go straight. Be watchful of this red store at the left side of the road. The store has no signage yet. It is the only commercial building right before the Hindu Temple.

For inquiries and pre-order, call Ms Anjali at (032) 268 9145. You can also call for directions in case you get lost.

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