What are ways to save household expenses?

What are ways to save household expenses?

It's my favorite season of the year... Summer in the Philippines! Beach, vacation, relaxation time. Ahh!!... the life! ^_^

The flip side is, Summer is also the time of the year when all bills rise up. With high bills come high stress! To help you keep your bills on check and keep summer happy, I have shared with you my tips to save up.

Tips on how to feed your piggy bank this summer:

  1. Schedule your kids' time. Have play time, drawing, afternoon sleep, and television. Limit television time to 2 to 3 hours only.
  2. Place your air conditioner timer to 30 minutes only. It should be enough to make the room cold for sleep. Electric fan to follow after.
  3. Instead of electric iron, use flat iron for the mountains of clothes. There's no need to rush, anyway.
  4. Walk. When you are from the office and you want to go to a nearby mall, walk instead of drive. You save gas and you save parking ticket.
  5. Maximize sunlight. Because daytime is longer in summer, maximize the light. Open your windows. Let the light come in. Do not turn on light until it gets dark. That's probably around 6:30pm.
  6. Turn off lights when not in use.
  7. Travel cheap. Instead of staying in a hotel. Stay in a hostel, backpacker's place. You only need a place to stay for the night, anyway. Just make sure the place you stay is safe.
  8. At the grocery store, look down. Items below eye level are cheaper. Trust me!
  9. Quit smoking. It's already hot. Why smoke? Whenever you feel the need to purchase cigarette, place that money into your piggy bank.
  10. Have garage sale for clothes, shoes, girly accessories, and other stuff you no longer use.
  11. Instead of buying new things, get them pre-loved at the ukay-ukay store at the old Belvic building.
  12. Always pay cash. However in rare occasions when you do use credit card, call your bank and ask for PayLite. They don't advertise it but you do have that option. Get rid of that nasty interest.

Our life's disposition can be likened to a piggy bank. When there's little money inside and you shake your pig, it's noisy. When it's full and you shake it, it's calm and solid. Knowing you have money in the bank gives you a calm and happier disposition. It does not easily shake you. Knowing you have money to spare, spend, and give, keeps your head high. After all, a woman's best protection is a little money of her own.

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