Mindmap: Secret to happiness - Be resilient

Mindmap: Secret to happiness - Be resilient

Whether it be at work, business, at home, in our relationships, how we view our lives... we all have to be resilient to survive, surpass, and live it. This is a mindmap explaining what a resilient willpower is and how to have it.

Some, I am rewriting below to give emphasis:

  • Persistently resist unimportant desires
  • Persistently build strong support networks
  • Persistently build sense of purpose
  • Persistently maintain optimism
  • Proactively ask:
  1. How can I best overcome this? 
  2. How must I think differently?
  3. What opportunities am I not seeing?
  4. What is an alternate way of looking at this?
  5. What resources could assist me here?
  • Never make assumptions
  • Always seek time to reflect
  • Learn to keep moving forward
  • Learn to keep open mind
  • Learn to keep things fun
  • Always visualize success
  • Never procrastinate
  • Never blame people
  • Never blame circumstances


Be resilient! 

<mindmap taken from iqmatrix.com>

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