Being great-fully grateful

Being great-fully grateful

Someone once told me that life is like a wheel. Probably much to the influence of a TV series, Gulong ng Palad. Worse, I used to believe it. I used to believe it for several years. When you're up, there's no other way but down. When you're down, there's no other way but up. So when good things happened to me, I'd get really scared. If I'm laughing too hard today. I'd worry what would happen to make me cry hard tomorrow. Somehow I just knew it would be bad. Yes, some of my worries do come true but 90% don't. I'm stressing over the 90% of the things that didn't happen. What a waste of time!

As human as we are, we tend to exaggerate things we don't have. We tend to overly emphasize the misfortunes that we have. I've been down and in the pitt too. Believe me, I wallowed and felt all the negativity around me... until I realized that I've been self-centered. In the times that I've complained, I noticed how many times I said "I". "I did not have... I did not get that... I've been this and that still I do not get that". I only thought of myself. I've been selfish.

When I paused and stepped back from "me", I am actually very blessed... very blessed as everyone else's. No one should feel bad and unfortunate. When you step out of yourself and see yourself in a third person's point of view, you are actually very blessed. I realized that bad can never overcome the good. Good is limitless. I don't know if you believe in God but I do. When everything seems not to make sense, I trust in God's goodness and love. I know Him. He's not the God of wrath or is punishable. He's all good and full of love. That's what I trust.

My secret in fighting insecurities and depression? By being grateful! "Be ecstatic and grateful." It's what my dad reminds me to do. It still is a constant struggle, that's true. Yet, everytime I complain, I make it a point to consciously thank twice as much. Divert from what I do not have to what I have. 

Life is not a wheel. It's a bumpy road. You cannot predict when you bump into pot holes. You just have to prepare for the bumpy ride and trust that your engine will be alright. It will continue to run the journey. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.

At the end of the day, it's all about faith.

Crush that negative vibes! Bawal ang nega-! Instead, focus your energy to being awesome. Be great-fully grateful!

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