Christmas and the season of giving

Christmas and the season of giving

The world did not end when the Mayan calendar ended. Yey! I would not want it to ruin Christmas. If there's something the Mayans taught us, it is that when you don't finish something, it's not the end of the world. LOL Kidding aside, I am truly happy all the fuzz about the world ending in this generation was just a rumor. It means though that we still need to take care of our planet. 

Christmas is indeed the season of giving. Everybody is more joyful this season than any other season of the year. It's not even the gift that mattered. It's the act that someone remembered you and the effort that he/she went through to line up at the malls and wrapped it nicely to give you something. It's the act of reading your greeting card and tearing up the gift wrapper that warm the heart. It is for me, at least.

Shopping during Christmas is stressful but enjoyable. Stressful because you shop with the rest of the world. Looking for a parking spot is a challenge too. It is enjoyable because it is fun to search the whole mall looking for a gift that best suits the receiver and within your budget. Wrapping is super fun too. I bought gifts for everyone in the family and everyone I've work with.

It is first this year that my husband and I did not overly spend Christmas gift for each other. Last Christmas, he gave me the newly launched iPad2. 2 Christmases ago, he gave me the newly launched white iPhone4. This Christmas, we thought of saving up for our planned trips next year. We spent conservatively. Nevertheless, I love all the gifts I received.

I love my stylish black iPhone case that I can use even when attending parties. I love my black party bag. It is the first bag I ever received that cannot contain all my stuff. Hahaha yeah, my bags are usually big and light because when it's full of everything I find essential, it becomes heavy like a rock. Now, I have a bag for parties. LOL I love my iPhone stands. I love the Watermint scent of Marks & Spencer's body lotion. I received cash gifts too. Yey! From my colleagues and friends, I received the yummy mango cake from Kaith, and deliciously sweet coconut macarons and chocolate oatmeal cookies from Borj. My friends are so sweet. I love them all! Thank you to everyone! 

my stylish and new iPhone case from top to right: black party bag, phone stand, M&S lotion, iPhone horn stand

The ultimate act of love is giving - may it be of material things or giving of your time and service. The act of giving breaks down all walls and differences. So, why don't we make every day Christmas? Let's! The world will be a better place.

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