Christmas Wish of a father

Christmas Wish of a father

Christmas is 38 days away from today. I will miss my baby more again in this celebration. I honor his life by helping this baby and posting this letter by the father of Brielle. Remember last October 14 when we had the 2 Hearts to Beat run? This is the same baby. Her fund still lacks around half a million for her open heart surgery.


From: Pacana, Michael Duka
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 5:06 PM
Subject: A Father's Plea for her Little Bielle


Good morning guys!

I would like to appeal to your good hearts (again) for my little girl's open heart surgery. Based on the surgeon's statement, she really needs to have the surgery badly. While she looks perfectly fine, so far, she's got the largest hole in the heart the doctors have seen.

Yesterday, when I arrived home from work, the nanny told me that she turned blue again and fainted. Luckily, we were able to instruct the nanny what to do in case this happens again so she was immediately revived from unconsciousness.

Currently, we lack at least P500,000 for us to proceed with the surgery. . Recently she's been having tet spells which is actually not a good sign.

13th month pay is just around the corner and if all my friends could pledge at least P1,000, it would really save us time and you will help us big time in saving my daughter's LIFE. I know that the amount that I am requesting is quite big for those who are saving for something.

However, it would also be a very big help not to mention it's about saving a baby's life. From the bottom of a father's heart, I ask you to please please help us save my baby. I can not afford losing my little girl.

Be one of Baby Gabrielle's angels. Give. Share. Help. Be a proof that indeed, Christmas is in our hearts.

Looking forward to your kind and positive response. I hope you could also pass this message to your friends. Thank you and God bless!












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