I found this picture in Instagram and decided to repost it. It has always been my problem. Every day I feel like I have nothing else to wear other than what I already wore last week. On the flip side, I also have no more room for all my clothes. I can't even see all of them anymore.

Thinking of what to wear has caused me tardiness to work. It also just merely destroys the mood of the day. Too stressful! So 8 weeks ago, I cleaned my closet of clothes I have not worn for 2 years even if they still are of good condition. If you know me, you also know that this is something difficult for me to do.. dettaching myself of things. I finally did and sold them at Php50 each. Yes, what a bargain! They were all gone in 30 minutes. Hmm.. maybe I should have sold it a little higher. Oh well, I'm glad I got rid of them and I still got money for it. I feel happy seeing my clothes worn by someone else. They found their new home. :)

To free me up of morning stress, I started to plan out what to wear for the whole week. Guess what? I wore all my clothes with no repeats for 2 months!... well not really all... but most of them. I still have some remaining. I sometimes surprise myself of styles that I thought I didn't have. The clothes bring out good old memories of when I bought them and when I wore them last. I also loved the fact that I could have different styles in a week and that my fashion style remains unpredictable. Planning ahead and cleaning every now and then give me a good sense of freedom. I like it. I will continue it as often as I can. :)

You should try it too.

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