Fishing could be fun @ dPond

Fishing could be fun @ dPond

My whole team of 18 and I decided to spend our Saturday together for a team bonding activity. We wanted to do something else other than the usual lunch and movie. That's when we decided to go fishing. What?!?! Yes, you read that right. Fishing! Cebu is unique in that aspect. You can be as busy as a worker bee in the morning surrounded with all the noise in the city but can also be calm and relax like maybe go fishing in the afternoon of the same day. Liloan is only a 30-min drive away from Cebu City without heavy traffic. Who would have thought fishing could be fun? But we did! We had so much fun! Fishing wasn't difficult too. I caught a dozen bangus, more than anyone did, and the feeling was great! I felt like I was the master fisherman. Do you need lessons? Ping me. LOL  Fishing made me think of our forefathers and the low-scale fishermen who have no other choice but to either fish or farm for food. Life was simple but difficult. Fishing made me respect them even more. 

We had everything planned... from transportation, to food, to games, even the schedule of activities from 8am to 5pm. The pressure was on when we had to fish for lunch. No fish, no lunch... a very effective motivator. ^_^ There are several other activities too. Some of those include karaoke, boat riding, and zipline. dPond is a very good place to bond with family and friends.

How to get there? From Cebu City, drive to Liloan. Along the road on the right, you will see San Roque Development School. Make a right at the road after that school. That corner has a green sign on the post that reads, "dPond Family Fun Fishing". Follow the road until you see Vista la Playa subdivision on the left. A few meters from there is dPond.

These are the prices as of this writing:

Standard cottage: Php 300 for a max of 15 persons
Delux cottage: Php 400 for a max of 20 persons
Floating cottage: Php 400 for a max of 6 persons
Center cottage: Php 600 pesos for a max of 15 persons
** All charges above are good for whole day stay
Executive cottage from 8am - 8pm: Php 1,999 for a max of 30 persons
                                    8pm - 8am: Php 1,999
                                    8am - 8am: Php 2,500
Bangus: Php 196 per kilo
Langkeya: Php 180 per kilo
Tilapia: Php 160 per kilo
Pasol (hook & bamboo line) rent: Php 20
Additional Feeds (1st free per 8 pasol rented): Php 20

Not too pricey, ey?! Oh by the way,  we love the no corkage fee rule. I hope that continues. ^_^

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