I saved Maven's heart

I saved Maven's heart

"I saved Maven's heart" is such a powerful conviction. It gave me and everyone in that room a sense of pride. Yes, we saved Maven's heart! 

Yesterday I attended the thanksgiving dinner for Maven's complete healing. I hugged Hannah and was immediately in tears. I am very happy. A month after his surgery, his oxygen saturation is now 99% from the meager 68%. What great news that is!

Early this year, we were talking to Doms and Hannah (Maven's parents) about our experiences, giving them comfort, and trying to help them with what to do. We, afterall, have been on their shoes once. Thus, more ideas were conceptualized for Maven's heart fund drive. God had been so good in providing the right resources that Maven's parents were able to raise the needed finances just within the same year. Maven, at 9 months, had his open heart surgery at St. Luke's Hospital on July 25. With just 9 days, he was out of the hospital and on his way to Cebu. Isn't God amazing? I congratulate Doms and Hannah for keeping strong and keeping the faith. 

The name Maven comes from the Yiddish, and it means one who accumulates knowledge. In Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point, he describes a Maven as someone who wants to solve other people's problems, generally by solving his own. This experience of Maven is absolutely a testimonial of that description. I am excited to see Maven all grown up and helping children with congenital heart defects too. 

In the 3rd picture, you will see Maven's doctors. These are Dr. Karl Michael Reyes (surgeon), Dr. Charles Cuaso (pediatric-cardiologist), and Dr. Herbet Uy (intensivist). They are the well-skilled doctors who have kept their faith knowing that God is the ultimate healer. They are the same doctors as Nate.

There are a lot more children born every day with congenital heart defect and a lot more parents needing help. Please pause with me in prayer:


Dear Lord, thank you for the complete healing that you have given baby Maven. Thank you for keeping his parents and the rest of his family strong. For other parents with babies born with congenital heart defects, Maven's successful healing is a story of hope. Thank you. Thank you for the resources that you solely provided - family and friends who helped with the fund drive, kind-hearted strangers who gave their time and money even anonymously, foundations and PCSO, well-equipped hospitals, and Filipino doctors who you have guided through their education to help Filipino babies who are in need. We know you are in that operating room with Maven. Thank you. We have always believed in your mercy and grace. 

We pray for the children who did not make it through surgery. Thank you for the joys they have given their parents even if it were just a short while. It is difficult, Lord. We know. We pray for their parents' healing.

We pray for healing for the other children with congenital heart defects. We pray for their parents that they may be able to find help and that resources will be available to them too. We promise to be of service to these parents as much as we can. We promise to pay it forward. In Jesus name, Amen. - Get Better Nate, MavenHeartFund



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