LSBB Little Saigon Big Bangkok

LSBB Little Saigon Big Bangkok

08/27 Update: Little Saigon Big Bangkok has moved to its new location at the back of Mango Square Mall. Enter parking lot on J Osemeña street just off Fuente Osmeña Circle. Check their website for map of new location.


After a hectic open house schedule and some Indian culture rubbed into us, we were in the mood for another Asian dish for dinner. We finally visited Little Saigon Big Bangkok or commonly known as LSBB. The place is actually better than I imagined. It gave an outdoor feel with Vietnamese-inspired lanterns hanging down the ceiling. For me, dining outdoors always gives a relax experience. I love it that the kitchen is away from the diners too. It allows me to leave the place happily filled without smelling like food. 

When you go to their site, you will see their "master" menu. For the menu of the day though, you have to call ahead because not everything is available. The chef loves to keep the menu "small and focused for maximum freshness and to keep things exciting". Not all the dishes are available every day. I don't mind. I love a surprise. :) Because of that, they don't have individually printed menu. The second pic in this post is actually their menu of the day. Your server will bring this filled cork board, place it on a chair, and start explaining what the menu is. As someone who is not very familiar of these dishes, I appreciate the personal interaction with the waiter. Our server was very learned about each dish. He described it to detail as if he was able to taste each one (ohh.. wait, maybe he did ^_^). He was also able to answer our questions well.

LSBB menu is a fusion of Vietnamese and Thailand street food. If you love spicy food, this is the perfect place for you. As starter, we ordered Roti Canai that comes with 3 types of sauce made of different spices. For main course, we ordered Chicken Rendang and Pad Thai. I truly enjoyed everything that we ordered. I was particularly and pleasantly surprised by the taste of Chicken Rendang. It's delicious!

For my drink, I had the cold Thai Herbal Iced Tea. Yum!

For dessert, I had the chocolate and peanut butter cake. LSBB is pretty consistent with their taste that you can also taste the herbs in every spoon-full of cake. Check out the cake in the first picture. Try it! You will love it.

How to get there? The address of LSBB is Andres Abellana Extension, Guadalupe, Cebu City. When you reach the Banawa-Guadalupe intersection, turn right to Guadalupe Church. Go straight until you see the Guadalupe Barangay Hall and basketball court at your right. Turn right at the road after the barangay hall. Just go straight and be watchful of the LSBB sign at your right.

For reservations and inquiries, you may call 09173119859 and 032 415 0228. As of this writing, LSBB accepts cash only for payments. 

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