My travel helper apps: WorldMate and Navigon

My travel helper apps: WorldMate and Navigon

If you are a frequent traveler or one who loves to travel like I am, you will need handy applications to make your travels easier. 

Worldmate is a travel organizer made for your mobile device. It has Android version too. As in my case, I love the iPhone version. Register, email your itinerary to, refresh your page, and viola!... your itinerary is in place. By itinerary, I mean your flight, hotel, car rental, and even your meetings. Once you've edited and saved, it is automatically updated in the cloud. The app also sends you reminders of your upcoming flights. Although this is specifically created for business trips, I still use it for my trips for leisure. I get to maximize the same benefits. :) One wish list though is that I hope it does my web check-in for me OR at least, help me make it easier. I always forget to web check-in my other flights in a connecting flight itinerary.

Another app I am very fond of is my GPS software. One of the essentials when you travel is a map. The map apps such as Google Maps is convenient when you have data plan. If you are traveling abroad, an international data plan might not be a good idea because it is very expensive. So, what map is there to use? If you remember my post about my first US travel, I mentioned Navigon during that trip. I still love it. I had my first experience of it alone this weekend in Lexington KY. All my colleagues are out for a long drive to Washington. I decided not to join them. After a much needed nap, I decided to go to Fayette Mall from Residence Inn. Yes, that took a lot of guts from me and a lot of trust to the app. I was a little nervous about the drive but Navigon was there to talk me through it. I arrived where I wanted to go plus Best Buy plus Toys R' Us. Yey! I went back safe to the hotel too. I love this app! It's pricey but worth it. It was a given to me as a gift and I treasure it a lot. I have the app with  maps of North America and Canada. I checked the app store and it has maps for Middle East, Australia, and I think the rest of th world. Hehe I especially love their tagline, "NAVIGON. And the world is yours". Indeed! I felt like I can be anywhere in the world without fear. Just make sure to bring your car charger with you. You don't want to be stuck somewhere without phone battery. LOL Thanks for the company, Navigon. :) One wish list for the app is that I hope it auto calculates my route when I make a wrong turn or miss my exit. Other than that, the app is great!

Enjoy your travels, friends!

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