Nuskin: Moisture Mist, Tri-Phasic White Toner, Line Corrector

Nuskin: Moisture Mist, Tri-Phasic White Toner, Line Corrector

When I went to General Santos City, my cousins noticed a glow in my face. They were asking what I apply. I told them about NuSkin. Surprisingly, they are not strangers to the brand. They too are NuSkin users. As go-away present, Ate Ann gifted me with NaPCA moisture mist, Tri-Phasic White Toner, Tru Face Line Corrector, tinted moisturizer, and gels for galvanic spa. Wow!! Of course, I am the happiest cousin ever! hehe ^_^

NaPCA moisture mist is a condtioning spray that supplies skin and hair with a quick surge of moisture packed with natural moisturizng ingredients like NaPCA, Hyalurnic Acid, and Urea, this oil-free formula helps maintain a constant moisture level in your skin while fighting drying effects of the environment. You can count on NaPCA Moisture Mist for a fresh and healthy appearance. Spray this generously on face, hair, and body whenever you need a refreshing moisture boost. I use this everytime - in the office, at home, wherever I go.

Tri-Phasic White Toner. Calms your skin. To enhance the skin brightening process, Tri-Phasic White™ Toner features Fairtrex™ and carnosine. Fairtrex™ targets the expression phase by working to gently shed existing pigment from the skin's surface while carnosine, a powerful antioxidant, helps calm the skin and targets the activation phase, helping prevent new skin discoloration. A nonacid cell renewal complex, this toner can be effective in targeting discoloration, leaving skin with a luminous and even tone.

tru face line correction. This works like magic. It erases the lines on your face. You can apply it near the eyes, the mouth, and chin.

Tinted Moisturizer. Remember last June that I lost my makeup kit? It got with it my tinted moisturizer too. Fortunately for me, this gift came on time. I use tinted moisturizer every day. I apply it before my NuSkin powder and blush. I love it. It leaves my face with enough color and moisture.

I am reserving the Galvanic Spa gels for my spa treatment with Est soon.

Thanks for the gifts, Ate Ann! I love them. :)

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