Review: Café Sarree

Review: Café Sarree

Are you tired of your usual taste in food? Indeed, my best buddy Gay and I are. So we head to Escario Central to try some new delectable dishes at the food place we haven't been to yet. For this stop, we are trying Cafe Sarree.

Escario Central is a relatively new place in Cebu. It is not even filled up with leassors yet. However, it is already the home of decent meeting places and restaurants such as 7-Eleven, Bubble Bee Teahouse, Portos, Zugbuchon, and Cafe Sarree.

Cafe Sarree restaurant is small, initimate, and cozy. It is the type of restaurant where you can have a good conversation with your friends coupled with good food. The dishes are affordable too. I especially love their food presentation. I know this by secretly looking at other people's tables (hehe I know.. shhh... ^_^ ).  For this lunch, we ordered Adobo Flakes and White Fish Ranchera. Check out the picture. Yes, they not only look good. They taste really good too. Yum! Other dishes worth trying are Lamb Adobo, Salpicao, and Sarree Steak. Our stomachs were filled and happy.

Next time, I will try their Jambalaya A La Mama and Sarree's Steak.

I've attached here a small portion of the menu so you will know that I'm not kidding. They are really affordable.

Cafe Sarree is open every day except Sundays. For reservations and inquiries, call (032) 254 5992.


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