Review: everything yummy [food + love]

Review: everything yummy [food + love]

As of yesterday, January 5, 2013, everythingyummy now has their credit card terminal up and running. Wohoo! Congratulations! They also accept debit cards. :) 


Today (Nov. 30), I received good news from everythingyummy. everythingyummy will have a credit card terminal by 2nd week of December 2012. Yey! Enjoy dining! ^_^


Mc couldn't stop talking about the new place he tried with his good friend Klein. "The best back rib I've tasted", so he said. In a separate occasion while also in a food trip mood, my friend Kaith introduced me to this relatively new place in Talamban. Little did I know, they are referring to the same food place. What could be a better name than something that best describes it, right?

everything yummy [food+love]... It does not sound like a name of a restaurant at all. It's unique. I was especially curious of the name. I have been coming in and out of the restaurant for several occasions now. It took me awhile to write about it until I've tried everything in the menu. It is after all supposed to be yummy. Surprised and happy, everything is indeed delicious! ^_^

I have introduced the place to several friends and colleagues too. Of all the times I've brought new people there, the Singaporean Spicy Prawn has always emerged the winner. It is definitely a dish that never gets missed out in a meal. The Premium back-rib comes closest. Mc was right. It is indeed the best ribs we've tasted so far. Yes, better than the famous ribs of CV (*wink wink*). I love the Spanish Chorizo and Lemongrass Chicken Inasal too. Actually come to think of it... I think I love everything in the menu. Haha

Food price is affordable too. I mean it's not crazy expensive and not too cheap either. It's just right. Pasok sa budget!

I love the exclusivity the restaurant brings. As of this writing, it only services 6 tables - 4 tables inside and 2 tables outside. To make sure you have a table for you and your date, call ahead for reservation. They also accept pre-orders. The numbers are (0917) 89YUMMY or (0917) 899 8669 and duo (032) 418 0081. What's more amazing? They do deliveries now. I'm talking not just local to Cebu but also to Manila, CDO, Davao, Iloilo, and Butuan. Check their site for more information.

How to get there? You can refer to the map in the picture. everything yummy [food + love] is located at Piazza Elesia at Talamban. If you take the Banilad road, follow the road to Talamban. You will pass by University of San Carlos and Family Park. You will also pass by road to Cabancalan. Piazza Elesia is the building located at the right, right after the road to Cabancalan. Store opens Tuesdays to Saturdays 10:30am - 2:30pm and 5:30pm - 9pm.

The restaurant accepts cash only. Bummer.. yes, I know. You'd have to hit the ATM before you go there. It's a little inconvenient when having huge gatherings that require huge amounts. The food, however, is really worth it.

I sure am bringing my family there too. On my brother's birthday, perhaps? I bet he will love the ribs! Slurp! ^_^

Two thumbs up, Hans and Mel! Very nice resto you have there. :)


everything yummy [food + love] is now open at ebloc building, IT Park. The numbers to call are 0917-89YUMMY (98669) or (032) 4106511.

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