Review: Manggahan

Review: Manggahan

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Manggahan is the new hot talk in town! Living in Apas, I pass by the place all the time. I am especially curious at how the place gets filled up with overflowing parked cars every meal. On one Sunday, we were finally able to visit the place in one of our family gatherings. Mc's dad absolutely loves it. He now talks highly of it to his friends and other relatives. He loves the exotic dishes in the menu. He especially loves the crocodile sisig, linarang, and hito. I love the place too. Check out their menu in this post. Aside from having really weird and funny names, I love that the dishes are cheap. I love how each dish tastes really Filipino. Delicious! It's like eating at home with so much more options. My favorites include Sinuglaw, Talong ni Tatang, and Lechon Manok Bisaya. I recommend you try them too. :) Better come in big groups. Bring all your friends and family members. The place is expensive-looking but it really is kinowboy eating and cheap.

I ordered this dessert basically because I was curious. Haha It tastes yum too. Try their Biko Bayot. Biko with vanila ice cream and sikwate on top.

How to get there? Manggahan is located at 30 Wilson Street, Apas, Cebu City. Manggahan opens 6am to 2am the following day on weekdays. It is open 24hours on weekends. The restaurant accepts reservation only on weekdays. For reservations and inquiries, you may call (+63) 9177014222 or (+63 32) 2603300. 

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