Review: Yakski BBQ

Review: Yakski BBQ

I've heard about a good barbeque place near Capitol and so we drove to try it out. There's nothing special about the place. It looks more like a converted garage. It has no walls. The floor is only made up of gravel. But when I look around the place, it's packed. So, I was even made more curious as to how the food tastes. True enough, I was not disappointed. The uniqueness of Yakski from all other barbeque places is the sauce. Go ahead and ask me the famous line of their servers... LOL Well, I'll give you a clue. It's written on their hats, "Spicy or Original?" Those are your two choices of sauce. I recommend that you choose spicy. The original is too sweet for me.

Check out the server's hat. LOL

Here's what we ordered. Delicious! :) 

We paid only this. Good price for a great meal! Try it! :) What I like most about Yaksi is the fact that I go out of the place full and satisified, and not smelling like barbeque. Their grilling section has good ventilation system.

How to get there?

Yakski is located at 268-B Don Mariano Cui St., Capitol Site, Cebu City. You can call ahead and reserve a table. The number to call are: (032) 414-2008 or 091732-25754 (or 091732-AKSKI).

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