Sinulog 2013

Sinulog 2013

I excitedly awaited the 3rd Sunday of January. I have psyched myself up in preparation for the weekend. It finally came. Wheee! ^_^

I purposely skipped Friday night parties (yes, no LifeDance party for me) to prepare myself for Saturday's whole day activities.

My Saturday was dedicated to my beloved Sto. Nino. It was filled with religious activities as we spent most of our time attending parades and thanksgiving mass. This year was my first time to attend the fluvial parade. I was always invited to come and join my cousins, the Roble's, at their boat but I have always refused to wake up early. This year, I said yes to my friend Beverly's invitation. I was up and about at around 230am in the morning and arrived at the port 330am. The fluvial parade started around 4am. Sto.Nino was on an old-looking Spanish galleon. Old because it looks exactly how Spanish galleons were drawn in history books. Here, take a look.

I've never seen so many ships in my life up until that day. The ships were very colorful. They all came in different sizes. Even at that early in the morning, the ships were full with so many devotees. Some ships had drummers and dancers with them. It was very festive at sea. Sleepy? Nah! The feeling of drowsiness left us. I am glad I was able to spend the fluvial parade with my friends whom I've known since high school. 

In the afternoon of Saturday, I attended the foot procession that left my body almost begging to stop. I kept going knowing that I am doing this as a sacrifice and offering to God for the wonderful 2012 he gave and for 2013 to come. We ended the procession with a mass back at Basilica del Sto.Nino. Just after the final song was community dancing of petitions. Everyone danced to the beat of "Sinulog. Musyagit ug kusog. Pit Senyor! Pit Senyor! Tanan magsa-ulog!". Mass finale was a beautiful display of fireworks. It lasted for about 30minutes. It was a wonderful wrap-up of the night. I was thinking of heading to SM for the Fireworks Competition but my body was begging to go to bed. Thank you Sto.Nino for letting us endure that long walk. Thank you for keeping it safe for everyone.

Sunday was the Grand Parade of Sinulog Mardi Gras. Lots of colors and lots of dancing to the beat of the drum. Like last year, I registered as an official Sinulog mininiyot a.k.a photographer. It allowed me to gain new acquaintances and friends too. This time, I hope to not miss the submission of photos. Hahaa! I will sort my photos tonight and submit them just in time for the deadline tomorrow. My photos will be posted in this blog as a separate post. Stay tuned! ^_^

Here are the winners of Sinulog dance. I got this from Sinulog foundation page.

P.S As always, remember to click on the photos above to zoom your view.

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