Sinulog: Official Maniniyot

Sinulog: Official Maniniyot

After 3 days of back pain and slight colds, I am finally feeling well enough to type on my keyboard. LOL   Sinulog was uber crazy! It is a different experience for me because, this time, I am one of the official maniniyot. For some of you who may not yet know, that means:

  • free pass to the streets where the dancers are,
  • nearer to the floats that the national celebrities, who obviously are the only ones not sweating, are transported in, and
  • away from the crowded sidewalk

Oh yes, I love the perks that come with it! I came prepared too. Thanks to my friend, Kaith, who gave me her Belo SPF 50+ face sunblock, I only had to buy body sunblock to protect the rest of my exposed skin from the heat of the sun. Like any girl would, I spent hours and nights thinking and matching clothes out of my closet to find what's best to wear. Alas, we had to wear our official uniform. So, here I am in this pic with my red Sinulog uniform. No complains though as it looks great on pic, don't you think? ^_^

And boy, did I get really good shots! :D   I promise I will post them here very soon. I am excited too but I have not sorted them out yet, pick 10 pictures, and submit them to the Sinulog Foundation for judging. All the rest of my best, I can post here. Judging, you ask? Yepyep, didn't I mention it was a competition? It is a contest with a prize money amounting to Php 100,000.00 up for grab. I did not join for the prize money but for the experience and the practice. The prize money is a very much appreciated bonus. Leave a comment here and I'll give you your share! Hahaha

I invite you to come to Cebu. Sinulog happens every 3rd Sunday of January. It is the best time to connect with the Cebuano culture. Here's a teaser that I am sure you will love, SINULOG: Rhythm in Unison, and here is where you can check out photos of previous winners.

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