Trip to the City of Smiles, Bacolod

Trip to the City of Smiles, Bacolod

Bacolod is only a 45min-flight away from Cebu. For Cebuanos, we have no excuse of not ever setting foot there. Bacolod has the best places that give the most delicious sweet treats. Caleya, Kuppa, Bong-Bongs, Pendy's.. these are only to name a few. Delicacies are plenty too -- napoleones, piyaya, half moon, cheesecake, chocolate cake. They are the best! Other food to try are grilled chicken and kansi.

Because of its proximity to Cebu, you can stay in Bacolod for the weekend then be back for work on Monday. That's what I did and it was all worth it. For hotel accommodation, I recommend Metro Inn. Our Saturday was spent having lunch and trying the adventure rides at Campuestohan. For lunch, we ordered bamboo rice. I recommend it too. Any viand tastes better paired with it.

At Campuestohan, entrance fee (as of this writing) is Php150 only. Each ride costs Php200. The Sky-Bike is a must-try. It will scare the ghost out of you but you will feel very proud of yourself when you did. I know I am. The ride may look really dangerous but it's safe. The bike's wheels work like a train with its railing on the line. It will never fall upside down. Another adventure worth a try are its Obstacle Course and the Hamster Ride. They have a pool you can cool the summer off. You can also just tour and take pictures of your favorite cartoon characters in giant structures. It's really quite fun.

Mambukal Resort is where we spent our Sunday. We spent time soaking in their therapuetic hot spring. If you dare to climb the stairs, you will see and swim at all 7 waterfalls too. Yes, seven! That's how amazing this place is. If you are scared of bats, this place has plenty. Worry not, though, they only inhabit the upper portion of the tall trees. 

Bacolod is definitely a place worth a visit. I'm glad I did before summer ends. This is one place off my WunderList. :)


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