What advices should I give to fresh graduates? Words of the Wise by Teddy Locsin Jr

What advices should I give to fresh graduates? Words of the Wise by Teddy Locsin Jr

I was attending the commencement exercises of University of Cebu yesterday where my sister graduated from College of Laws. Despite the long wait and several inefficiencies in the program, I felt in luck because the guest speaker is no other than my idol, politician, lawyer, and journalist, Teodoro "Teddyboy" Locsin, Jr. I am a fan of his Teditorial segment of The World Tonight.

I was starstruck of his presence that it did not occur to me to record his whole speech!... Ughh! I know.. I know. I should have.

Here are gems he shared in that speech:

  • Do not worry of getting rich. Worry of finding what you do best and do it for a living.
  • The one who travels fastest are the ones who travel lightest. Take more knowledge. It's the lightest and most useful baggage.
  • Life after school is a project of self creation. Because everyone is unique, every work of self creation is an original and irreplaceable.
  • You may ask, "Why should I work more that I am paid?" Because with that attitude, you will soon have no work and no pay.
  • Always look good. You look good, you feel good. Studies show that people who look good are most likely the same ones who will succeed.
  • Don't spend all at once. Let alone, spend more than you earn.
  • Work like there's no tomorrow because there's no tomorrow if your work is done.
  • Work until you reach the limit of your mind and then pretend it was no effort at all. Those who showed success has stretched their limits. The Best recognizes no limits on themselves.
  • Always look cool but never chill out.
  • Never say you work too hard or put in too much. That is the time that the competition will limit your power. Keep them guessing.
  • The right attitude of work is to find joy in work.
  • You owe your country nothing except to make the best of yourself.. for yourself.. for your parents.. for the family you will have.
  • Be useful each one in a way that suits your current sense. That is how you serve your country better. The whole is a summary of its parts. No more, no less.
  • While tomorrow is another day, you will soon run out of tomorrows at least for purposes of a good job, good prospects for advancements, and any productive satisfying life. You can postpone the start of your productive life but not.. In that respect, there's no advise better that Nike, "Just do it" now!.

After his speech, I was day dreaming of meeting him at the lobby and shake his hand hoping some of his wits would jump to me and infect me. LOL Alas, we did not meet and I did not get to shake his hand. Nevertheless, I felt smarter and blessed before I left. Thank you for the wisdom.

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