Recipe: Maxx Fried Chicken style Fried Chicken

Recipe: Maxx Fried Chicken style Fried Chicken

My aunt forwarded Simpol's Youtube about how to cook Maxx Fried Chicken Style fried chicken. I watched it and wrote down the steps. I find writing down the steps easier to follow than playing and pausing the video while cooking.

It's the first time that I tried this recipe and I am pretty happy of the outcome. The skin is crispy and the flesh is tender.

Sharing the steps here.

Maxx Fried Chicken Style Friend Chicken


chicken leg quarters 
2tbsp calamansi or lemon 
3 Laurel leaves 


1. Marinate chicken leg quarters in soy sauce (2tbsp per chicken leg) + calamansi. Marinate 1hr or overnight.

2. Poaching liquid: In bowl with hot water, put squashed garlic clovers, cubed onions, 3 Laurel leaves, cracked black pepper (peppermill), salt (generous for flavoring of chicken). Bring to a boil.

3. Add chicken. Make sure it is submerged. Cook for 12-15mins over medium fire.

4. Take out chicken. Let it cool. Can be placed infront of electric fan (or chill) to remove moisture of skin so that when you fry, it gets crispy

5. In a pan, fill with halfway oil. Heat in medium fire. To check if oil is hot, throw a little rock salt. If it sizzles, then it’s good.

6. Lower fire. Put chicken on pan and arrange to fit. Cook until brown. If you cannot fit in one pan, fry the chicken leg one by one. 3mins each side. Note: Make sure to cook in low fire so that chicken is cooked in the inside too not just brown on the outside.

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