Review: Dong Juan

Review: Dong Juan

Dong Juan and I are in a relationship. Whenever I am alone and want to dine, I come to this place. I also share this love with my friends. I love Dong Juan because of the fact that I don't have to go inside the mall just to eat. It's accessible. The service has greatly improved from the first time I visited too. I remember a few years ago when Dong Juan was just a tiny spot at Guadalupe. Now, you see it everywhere you go. It has branches sprouting like fastfood. It has become ubiquitous and I meant that in a good way. :)

Dong Juan has been a part of my family's special events. We celebrated my sister's graduation from College of Laws here. Not to mention all the other reunions and get-togethers. 

The restaurant is known for its intimate setting. Some say it has the best burger in town. I say it has the best All-Meat Sizzling Pochero in town. Yumm! The creaminess is so delicious to the palate. For me, it is best served with rice. My usual order always includes this plus Gambas Al Ajillo Pasta for a touch of spiciness. The Gambas Pasta is spaghetti in olive oil with shrimps and herbs. As they serve it, you will still see the garlic curl because of heat. You will also love the iced tea. It is placed in a unique bottle. Very creative, indeed! Try them yourself! ^_^

Some known branches include Crossroads, A.S Fortuna, Persimmon, and Insular Square at Mandaue. Dong Juan is open from 11am - 10pm every day including Sundays. For reservations, pre-order, and more information, you may inquire through (032) 256-1796.

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