2013 US Trip

2013 US Trip

This year I had the privilege to travel to the US again for my second time. It's so much better this time because my husband had gotten his visa a year before. That means he could travel with me. Yey! :)

I am going for business so I had to be at Headquarters for 2 weeks before I could take my vacation. My husband, of course, is on a tour. He contacted his cousin, aunt, and close friends for his itinerary. When he had his itinerary in place, I was kind of jealous. LOL He's going to Chicago, Indiana, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Vegas, and LA. He'll go to more states that I did. Haha Honestly, I want him to take that tour especially that it's his first travel to the US. We have arranged that we meet for a weekend in Cincinnati then drive back to my hotel in Kentucky. We only get to spend 3 days together before we say goodbye again. The distance had it's advantages, though, especially because I was on a tight schedule at work. I had to basically work 16 hours a day to cater my work at HQ and my deadlines for Cebu. I am always tired but the experience was great.

Today is my last day in Lexington. I am actually typing this blog at BlueGrass Airport. I already feel nostalgic. The 2 week-work was intense. Although I am looking forward to be back to Cebu, the intensity kind of grew in me. I love this city. I love the ambiance, the silence, the space, the independence even from having no maid, and the culture. I love the diversity. My colleagues did great in hosting me. They made me feel welcome. I totally agree that building a relationship is what makes the team better. I will be leaving Lexington but will always have a piece of it with me. 

Today, I'm off to LA for my much awaited vacation. 

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