NuSkin Face Lift & Beauty Products

NuSkin Face Lift & Beauty Products

As a wise man said, "Beauty is the eye of the beholder". I agree with that. However, it does not hurt if beauty is also in the eye of those looking at you, right? We are, after all, social beings. With that said, I always make an effort to care for my skin and exert even much more care for my face (as it is more sensitive).

I have always been skeptical of products that smell like alcohol and burn the face. I tried them but they always leave my face red and more pimple-prone the moment I stop using them. So, I tried almost everything that's organic. From cucumber to egg white to lemon... you name it, I tried it. I love the effects! The only problem is the smell. Even constant exposure and application does not simmer down its smell. So, I stopped... until a friend of mine introduced me to NuSkin. Ironically, this friend is a he! Yes, a straight he! He introduced me to NuSkin through an agent who did not even try to sell me the product or try to recruit me (which I appreciated very much as I felt her sincerity more).

She started her demo with a PH comparison of the most famous beauty products that claimed to be endorsed by famous international and national celebrities. I was amazed by how much acidity are being placed to the face with these products! That kept me interested.

She continued her demo with the much-awaited facial. What better way to convince but a first-hand experience to the products, agree? Of course! First, she applied cleansing gel to rinse my face. She then make-up brushed it with face lift mixture (mixed powder + activator). As she brushed, she also placed cut-out onion skin papers all over my face and then left it dry. Instantly, I can feel my face lifted and tightened up. After 20 minutes, the paper was removed. Darn did it hurt! It hurt so much that it made me cry. The paper took with it the creepy black heads, white heads, and dry skin. I was amazed by how much dirt it took off. This was even way better than pricking. It was less painful PLUS it kept the pores tight! She rinsed my face, applied toner then moisturizer. To give a more dramatic effect, she applied it first to only one side of my face. You can instantly see the effect of NuSkin and compare both sides of your face! My face felt so clean, smooth, and young. I was so impressed that I have been using these products for over 5 years now. It continually satisfies and amazes me. This is definitely something I will pass on to the next generation.

I use the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer twice every day -- once in the morning, and once before I sleep.

I use the face lift set every week. I also use it after I come from a stressful activity or from travel.

What can I say? I love love love it!

Hey, pretty! Stay beauiful inside out! ^_^



I recommend that you try and see their demo too. If you need someone to contact, leave me a message and I will give you my agent's contact information.

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