Review: Bucket Shrimps

Review: Bucket Shrimps

This week has been filled with food trips. Hurray to all the good food places in Cebu! That means diet needs to wait for another day. :D  

For lunch we felt like eating seafood. Cholesterol, I know.. It's nice to spoil the tongue once in awhile. * wink wink * ^_^

Like any great food experience, I've learned of Bucket Shrimps from words of mouth only. The food choices there are not that many. However, if you're really just looking to eat shrimps as its name suggests, you'll never get hungry. 

Shrimps and crabmeat are two of my favorite meat. You have 3 choices of sauces for your boiled shrimps or fried crabs. You can either have cajun, gbutter, or gata. In this picture, I ordered cajun for my shrimps and gbutter for my crabmeat. True enough, they are delicious! Moreso, I love that they don't cost a lot. Both thumbs up to that! ^_^

These are the types of food that you know getting messy is inevitable. The restaurant knows that too. That's why they give you everything you need to keep yourself clean. They give you plastic gloves so that you can eat with your hands. They also give you a pack of napkin so that it's available any time you need it. Manila paper for table cloth. Clear Plastic wrap for table mat. How unique! 



How to get there?

Bucket Shrimp is located at 11 Orchid Streem Capitol Site, Cebu City. It is right across STK Ta Bai. You may want to call ahead for reservation or inquiries. Number to call is +639331992521. The restaurant opens for lunch from 11am to 2pm, and for dinner from 6pm to 9pm.

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