Surviving the Loss of a Child

Surviving the Loss of a Child

This book was the perfect gift given by my close girl friends during my baby boy's last rite. I am guessing they did not know what to tell me because no note was written on the front page where you usually place little memo. I appreciated it. Several words were uttered that I am sure were meant to be comforting but those words made me feel otherwise. Silence was better. When I got home, I started reading the first few pages but did not have the strength and composure to continue. So, I dropped it.

It was only a few weeks ago that I held the book again. I breezed through the pages and finally felt I was understood. Who could better understand me than a mom who had undergone the same ordeal as I have? Surviving the Loss of a Child by Elizabeth Brown made me understand the highs and lows of the emotions that I am feeling and the moods I am in. It warned me of overspending on material things that I thought could fill the void I am feeling inside.  It warned me of how the incident will shaken and probably will ruin my relationship with my significant other. The book also gave practical suggestions through the author's testimonial on how she dealt with the pain that eventually lead her to let it go.

The process of grieving starts right by understanding how you feel. The book is a good start. Surviving it does not stop here. Seek for a support group too. Do whatever you can to continue moving. A lot of times, I fall back. I am expecting these things to happen in the future. I'm not sure if it will ever end. It takes all of my willpower and a lot of prayers to get myself on track. I am lucky that I have such a huge close-knit family. Being with them reminds me life is worth living. Everything will be okay. I pray that you are as fortunate as I am too. 

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