Two Perspectives

Two Perspectives

This month is tough moreso this Friday, Sept 28. Productivity has significantly decreased. I, too, am feeling weak and less enthusiastic. These are feelings foreign to me. If you know me, I am perky, efficient, productive, and fast. I am on top of things. This time, I have no control. The sentiments at this place is generally sad, feeling of uncertainity, worry, and betrayal. They joke about it. They talk about it sarcastically at the halls, in social media sites, or anywhere possible. When I'm sad, I do not talk. I drown the outside noise, keep silent, and process it within.

Like any other circumstance, we can view this event in two ways. We can either be in panic, be angry, sour-grape, and absorb all the pity feeling the world can give, OR we can view this as a new opportunity. It is a new opportunity to find a new motivation. This is a way to get a new start. Yes, new new new! You know, most people are doing what they do because they are placed into it. It's what they have been doing for the longest time and they feel comfortable doing so. This time, we are given an opportunity to revisit what we want to do for the remaining days of our lives. We are given an opportunity to reboot with a generously healthy package at that.

For those who will go the other way and stay, let's be more grateful and take this opportunity to do something different. We know that our strategies, our attitude, and things we did didn't work. Let's do something different. Do something closer to the people who make a difference - our customers. Let's learn more. Give more. Do more. Never be mediocre. Let's move "us" forward.

I do not know what this Friday's decision will be. Whatever that is, I will view this at the lighter side. I will cry, yes. Either way, I will be better. I will do better. I will come out stronger.

This is my advice to you in all your endeavors and circumstances.

"There are always two dogs barking - the dog that tells of insecurities, failures, and lies, and the dog that tells of strengths, faith, opportunities, and confidence. Who wins, you ask? It's the one YOU feed.

Be strong. Be resilient. It is not a bad life. It is just a bad day."

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