Harness your genius, take online courses for free

Harness your genius, take online courses for free

If there is one thing that should never stop, it should be learning. In my Words from the Wise post, Teddy Locsin Jr said, "The one who travels fastest are the ones who travel lightest. Take more knowledge. It's the lightest and most useful baggage." I couldn't agree more. Knowledge is a powerful weapon. This is why we invest on reading books and traveling. We seek to expand our horizon.

I once know a friend who does not stop going to school. After college, she enrolls to Graduate Studies. After finishing one, she enrolls in another graduate studies course. She goes on and one. She just does not stop. I admire her a lot but I just can't do that. I neither have the time nor the money to invest in it. Hehe Plus, I like to learn at my own pace. This is the reason I love our world today. Almost everything is available online (wipee!!). 

Here's a link of online classes you may be interested to take. All listed courses are free. The courses are from top universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and many others. You will find courses for Computer Science, Arts, Music, Philosophy, Business and Management, Biology and Life Science, and many others that are exciting.

If you have some other sources of online courses, please do share them by adding a comment to this post.

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